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Foreign & Domestic Transmission Repair

If your transmission isn’t shifting smoothly or if you suspect a transmission leak, let Edgar’s Transmission take a look at it. We perform top quality automatic and manual transmission repairs for foreign and domestic vehicles. Edgar’s can handle almost any kind of transmission issue or problem, ranging from gasket, hose or seal replacement to complete transmission rebuild or replacement.

Since every transmission problem is unique, we ask that you call us to discuss your specific issue. By talking with you and determining if you should set a diagnostic appointment, we can begin to formulate a solution to your vehicle’s problem and to see if it needs specialized work.

Differential Cutaway

Transfer Case & Differential Repair

The differential is the mechanical component that spins both the left and right wheels, but lets them rotate at different speeds so that the vehicle can make turns since the outer wheel has to turn faster than the inner wheel, due to the difference in the length of the paths they take. Four-wheel drive vehicles have a separate differential for each pair of wheels, connected through a transfer case that compensates for speed differences between the front and rear.

Hearing a whining, rumble, or a loud clunk when going from setting still to moving from the rear of the vehicle should be checked out and may signal a need for differential or transfer case repair. If the noises and symptoms seem to be worse when coasting as compared to accelerating under power, you should have your differential checked out.

Custom Transmission Bonner Springs Kansas

Custom Transmission Builds

Edgar’s Transmission believes the same attention to detail that goes into accessorizing your custom vehicle should also apply to its “power center” – the transmission. Just because the transmission is not one of the more visible components of your custom vehicle, it does not diminish the importance of correctly and efficiently translating the power under the hood to the tires on the ground. We can provide you with the most comprehensive and well thought out transmission kits available.

We use the best quality performance parts from B&M®, BorgWarner, and FTI. We build your custom transmission based on your vehicle’s specifications to ensure the best transmission package possible. We hope you’ll take the time to consider a custom transmission build from Edgar’s.